Brandon Boyd Told Ballet Dancer Skyler Maxey-Wert To Audition For ‘American Idol’ & He Earned A Standing Ovation

Skyler Maxey-Wert may be a dancer but after hearing his vocal abilities on American Idol, it’s clear he has a bright future as a singer.

Maxey-Wert is a 25-year-old Ballet dancer that was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but currently resides in Germany. 

At 18-years-old he graduate high school and moved to Germany to launch his dance career. He has gone on to become a very successful ballet dancer, however, he has always had a passion for singing. And one day after posting singing videos to his Instagram, Incubus’ Brandon Boyd reached out to Maxey-Wert and told him to find his singing voice and audition for the popular singing competition show.

“One day Brandon Boyd reached out and he said ‘I think you’re talented, if you want to I think you should audition for American Idol,’” Maxey-Wert told Idol judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. 

Wearing ballet shoes, an olive green…

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