A satire of suburbia now at Theater Wit, ‘Hurricane Diane’ struggles to make landfall – Chicago Tribune

In Madeleine George’s 2019 play “Hurricane Diane,” now produced by Theater Wit in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, the Greek god Dionysus arrives in New Jersey to do some mischief. The deity has a helpful disguise: She takes the form of a lesbian landscape gardener who talks a really good game about sustainable horticulture.

George is satirizing the middle-class suburban life in the optimistically named Garden State, a perennial target of the progressive urban elites who like to go to postmodern plays like this one. Along the way, George pokes fun at climate-change denial (as manifest by water-guzzling lawns), neighbor rivalries and the old standby of sexual repression, as present in all of the kitchens in all of the homes with the identical floor-plans, a helpful theatrical device when you want Dionysus to be able to range from one house to the next.

Not that the visuals here are dull: Diana, as played by the highly skilled…

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