The real Maenads of Monmouth

Back in 2014, Theater Wit presented Madeleine George’s acerbic but aching comedy, Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, in which the denizens of a small New England college town wrestle with the dusty past, as represented by the display of the title creatures in the campus museum—which no one ever visits. George’s play wove in absurdist anachronistic segments, where the museum’s dioramas of prehistoric humans spoke to each other as if they were contemporary students, with a plot about two former lesbian lovers facing mortality and figuring out how to adapt to what the new (much younger) lover of one of them calls “alternative kinship structures.”

In Hurricane Diane, now in its local premiere at Wit under Jeremy Wechsler’s direction (he also staged Mammoths), George pulls off a similar mix of past and present by reaching back to Greek mythology and giving Dionysus (god of wine, vegetation, fertility,…

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