A reader’s theatre production comes to Estes Park – Estes Park Trail-Gazette

This coming Friday and Saturday (Aug. 12-13) members of the Fine Arts Guild of The Rockies will be pleasing audience members with their locally inspired theatre production, “Dunraven, Lord of Estes Park.”

Written by Loveland playwright Rick Padden, the play tells the story of its title’s namesake, Dunraven, and his attempt at taking over Estes Park with the help of some rather unscrupulous business partners in the mid-1800s.

The plot will also include a historic character list of local legends the likes of Isabella Bird, Rocky Mountain Jim, Griff Evans and many more.

Cast members of the play rehearsing the script. (Denise Shank/Fine Arts Guild of The Rockies)

Estes Park’s Denise Shank is directing the production and referred to the story as comedic, suspenseful, historic and everything else entertaining.

“Just come and take it all in,” said Shank. “If you’re a visitor or new to the town and wonder what in the world…

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