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It’s not exactly letting the cat out of the bag to explain that Walsh McClarren, one of the two title characters in Neil Simon’s Rose and Walsh, is dead. The audience finds out in the opening seconds of the comic drama, onstage through Aug. 28 at freeFall Theater.

Walsh’s deadness does not dissuade his longtime partner, Rose Steiner, from engaging in witty repartee with his ghost; she can see and hear him – as can the audience – through strong, animated performances by Patrick Ryan Sullivan and Stephanie Dunnam.

Rose’s assistant, the long-suffering Arlene, is played by Georgia Mallory Guy. While Arlene and Walsh – understandably – don’t share any dialogue, the characters exist on a similar plain. They’re both extremely important to Rose, the centerpiece of the play, as she enters her golden years.

“Arlene,” says actress Guy, “is so enamored with the romanticism of the ghost of Walsh. But I…

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