Severance creator Ben Stiller doesn’t know his TV+ viewing data

Apple doesn’t like to disclose numbers. It is always unclear how many iPhones it sells, how many Apple Music subscribers it currently has, or how many people watch its original shows. This time, the company went a bit further as Severance‘s creator Ben Stiller called “really weird” the fact that he doesn’t know how many people watched its TV+ show since Apple doesn’t tell him.

Severance may already have a schedule for filming season 2, which should at least mean that there is interest in the show, but in an interview with Decider, the series creator Ben Stiller said he doesn’t know how many people actually watched it.

Yeah, but because they don’t tell, it’s really weird. They sort of give you kind of an idea. But it’s not like ratings or box office numbers or anything like that. It’s like graphs and charts that are relative… The fun thing was going to [San Diego] Comic-Con and having a full house for…

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