Transforming Lives Through the Art of Dance – NBC Los Angeles

Dance can be a powerful way to show emotion and to express yourself, there’s one special studio in LA that is changing lives through the art of dance.

“I think my mother heard through a friend of hers that there was a new program that was opening up,” said Alice Kim a dance instructor at Everybody Dance LA.

Kim was just 8-years-old growing up without many options in the inner-city.

“I was extremely timid,” Kim said. “I felt I really didn’t have a safe place where I could really express myself.”

But that changed the day she stepped on to the dance floor at Everybody Dance LA and began a journey that would teach her discipline and dedication. This ultimately led her to discover her passion of ballet.

“I loved ballet because it was so just elegant and I loved the fact that they could express themselves with these really lovely long lines,” Kim said.

Kim was one of the original students of the nonprofit…

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