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Ivan and Perry Sook
(Photo by The Broadway Show)

When it comes to planning a trip to Broadway, there’s one restaurant that makes the top of many lists:  Sardi’s, the 100-year-old institution on West 44th Street. Broadway.com correspondent Perry Sook sat down with owner Max Klimavicius and longtime employees to talk about the resturant’s long history with Broadway, its famous caricatures and more. 

When patrons walk in the door, the first face they’ll greet is Ivan Lesica, who has been a maitre d’ at the restaurant for 29 years. “We are a pre-theater restaurant,” he said. “What happens usually is a couple hours before the show, the dining room goes from being empty to literally filling up. Everybody’s running around and serving their food. Everyone wants their check at the same time. Then, 10 minutes to a half an hour before the show…

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