Nominate an Educator for a Dance Teacher Award!

Know some extraordinary dance educators? Nominate them for a Dance Teacher Award!

Every year, we recognize excellence in teaching by honoring outstanding dance educators for their contributions to the field. 

We’re currently accepting nominations for the 2022 Dance Teacher Awards, and are looking for dance educators who:

  • Have a unique or outsized impact on their students and/or community
  • Strive to bring out the best in their students as dancers and people
  • Have a thoughtful and forward-thinking approach to pedagogy
  • Are dedicated to their own continued learning
  • Have a body-positive teaching style
  • Prioritize dancers’ mental and physical health and safety
  • Are committed to anti-racism, equity and inclusion inside and outside the studio

Dance educators of all kinds are eligible to receive the Dance Teacher Award, including those working in private studios, K–12 schools, conservatories, higher education institutions and more….

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