Remounted ‘Titanic the Musical’ a compelling show worth seeing again

Maybe “Titanic the Musical” is like “Hamilton,” a show that everyone who cares about the art form will want to see once but also one that can attract enthusiastic repeat visitors.

While you’ve had and will continue to have regular opportunities to see “Hamilton,” productions of “Titanic” are rare, due to the cost and care needed to launch this big vessel of a musical. 

By bringing “Titanic” back this season, Milwaukee Repertory Theater is giving both debutantes and recidivists another chance to embark on this thrilling voyage.

The Rep’s remounted production, which opened Saturday evening at the Quadracci Powerhouse Theater, is just as compelling and moving as last spring’s performances, with enough differences to make this no mere repeat.

A few cast changes give theater nerds something to analyze. The charismatic Jeffrey Kringer, as the stoker Barrett, and Cooper Grodin, as the ship’s designer Andrews, are both upgrades on their…

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