Guess why Lauren Boebert really doesn’t like ‘lesbian dance theory’ degrees

Last week was my first week of graduate school. At 36, I decided to get a Masters in Appalachian Studies because I believe it will enrich my writing on the region I call home and better enable me to advocate for my neighbors and friends.

I think this is a worthwhile and noble endeavor. Lauren Boebert does not. A clip of the high school dropout and Republican Congresswoman complaining that student loan forgiveness will fund “Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory” went viral over the weekend. “Lesbian dance theory” is not, as far as I’m aware, an actual program (though if it were, that would be cool as heck), but it is a popular right-wing talking point; Ben Shapiro was complaining about it as early as 2016.

That it doesn’t exist, though, is not the point. “Lesbian dance theory”…

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