Christmas whirls into town with Kansas City Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’


Poor Thanksgiving, overshadowed by Christmas before the turkey’s even in the oven. It has become a new tradition. At least at the Kennedy Center, where “The Nutcracker”— performed this year by the Kansas City Ballet — opened Wednesday night with a lively snowstorm of satin and tulle, along with smart-stepping Marzipan, a towering Mother Ginger and all the trimmings.

‘Hamilton’ choreographer couldn’t find a show he liked. So he wrote one.

The Nutcracker” has always been a child-friendly ballet, but this production is especially geared to youngsters. There are wonderful comic touches galore, and quick-thinking toys and clever animal characters seize the spotlight. A potbellied, roly-poly teddy bear, grown to gargantuan size, is equal parts fierce and lovable. He is the star of the Silberhaus family’s Christmas Eve party in Act I. Dr. Drosselmeier, the doll maker who created him, and…

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