Just Dance 2023 Edition Review (Switch eShop)

2023 is on the horizon, which, as it turns out, is an entirely different year to 2022, so naturally we’ve got a brand new Just Dance game to review. Yep, it’s time for the annual update to Ubisoft’s long-running franchise and, although it’s tempting to simply cut-and-paste last year’s review in here — these games really don’t change much beyond the playlist from version to version — it turns out there’s actually been a few meaningful changes made this time around.

First things first, and the best bit of news for us personally, is that you can now turn off the constant notifications and adverts for the Just Dance+ subscription service. If you remember Just Dance 2022, this was one of the most frustrating aspects of last year’s effort, with constant reminders that you didn’t have all the content on offer, even though you’d just forked out fifty quid for the game (which, incidentally, isn’t getting a physical release this year —…

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