Scientists dance the beautiful brain


To some an unlikely pair, neuroscience and art were a natural complement during a performance hosted by Stanford’s Medicine & the Muse program, which featured an evening of dance theater celebrating neuroscience. The event included three short talks given by Stanford Medicine neuroscientists and performance by an ensemble of 17 dancers from Stanford University and Saddleback College, in Southern California.

The hybrid presentation, called Conduit, initially launched in Galway, Ireland, in the summer of 2022, focusing on electrical connectivity in the brain, memory mapping and other neural mechanics. The most recent dance performance, which occurred March 3 on the Stanford University campus, was preceded by a set of neuroscience talks focusing on memory, how it defines us and how it can fail us, among other brain-related topics.

Photo by Lavonna Mark

“I don’t think there’s a better art than dance to portray the brain….

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