For every 10K liters of oat milk sold, Dancing Cow will save one cow from dairy industry


According to The Humane League, it’s estimated that one person going vegan saves, on average, one animal per day. While that includes smaller critters like fish, it’s still a significant impact for a human to have.

India’s new Dancing Cow brand wants to save even more lives. For every 10,000 cartons of its Oatish milk sold, the company will rescue a cow from the dairy industry, pay its owner a fair price and bring the cow to a sanctuary near its homebase of Lucknow. Dancing Cow aims to build Uttar Pradesh’s largest animal rescue shelter.

Dancing Cow soft-launched in October 2022, with a full rollout this month. Its Oatish milk is made with millet and mung beans in addition to oats for a thicker, creamier product.

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