A Georgian Music Producer Whose Career Started With Making Dance Videos


Nitepunk, formally known as Lasha Mamulashvili, boasts a genre-bending, free-flowing and expressive sound. At the beginning of his expedition into dance music, the producer was integral to the rave scene in the country of Georgia and he had to work numerous jobs in the United States to support his passion for music. His voyage proves to have been worth it.

His entry into the scene started with him dancing as a teenager. Eventually, Hollywood actor and dancer Robert Hoffman, known for his work in the “Step Up 2: The Streets” movie, saw his dancing videos and bought one of his songs that he grooved to. Mamulashvili capitalized on this as it was a massive deal in his country, and he used this opportunity to support the dance music scene in Georgia. His events were “nasty, sweaty raves” in lounges and abandoned places, such as an empty pool hall.

Mamulashvili began dancing when he was three years old,…

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