Stylez Dance Group’s upcoming showcase to present dances choreographed by students


Stylez Dance Group practices a new move for their upcoming spring showcase performance. Credit: Kaley Richard | Lantern Reporter

Stylez Dance Group, mainly a hip-hop group, is holding its free spring showcase April 2 and presenting a variety of dance genres.

The showcase, located at 131 Hitchcock Hall, lets anyone in the organization choreography a dance of any genre. The main genre of dance Stylez members practice is hip-hop and the final decisions around choreography are made by the choreography chair, Holly Eberly, president of Stylez and a third-year in neuroscience, said.

“There’s gonna be lyrical dances that make you feel emotional,” Eberly said. “There’s gonna be hip-hop dances that make you want to get up off your feet and dance. There’s a little bit of everything. So, it’s a really good opportunity to just experience art all at once, all the emotions in two hours.”

Eberly said the spring showcase not…

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