Stormy Daniels said she’d dance in the streets if Trump was indicted. Now she’s sad it happened


Stormy Daniels, the woman at the center of the investigation into Donald Trump, was out riding one of her favorite horses when the news broke Thursday that the former president had become the first-ever former commander in chief to be indicted on criminal charges.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, wasn’t aware of the indictment for nearly two hours. She returned home to literally hundreds of messages and called her longtime lawyer Clark Brewster to ask what was up.

Her first reaction? “She was surprised, honestly, even though it was mostly expected,” Brewster told USA TODAY.

Recap: Grand jury indicts Donald Trump in New York, first time a former president is charged criminally

A few weeks ago, Daniels said she would “dance down the street” if and when Trump was indicted on hush money-related charges stemming from her alleged affair with him way back in 2006. Those allegations, and claims that Trump paid her $130,000…

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