Bride and groom touch each other’s feet during wedding rituals, netizens love it


In traditional Hindu weddings, many rituals are seen as patriarchal. But nowadays, the bride and groom are challenging these age-old customs and trying to bring in the ‘equality’ factor in these traditions. Just like this couple who were seen touching each other’s feet in a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the viral video, the bride and groom can be seen seated on their wedding mandap while some rituals are taking place. The bride touches the groom’s feet and the latter seems to having a little fun. He asks the bride to do it properly while instructing the cameraperson to capture the moment. 

When the groom applies sindoor, the bride shows her feet and the former also touches her feet. While the groom touches the bride’s feet, friends and family can be heard screaming for photos to capture the moment.

The sweet moment between the bride and groom depicts how both of them are equal in…

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