Paris Ballet to perform at Kravis Center Saturday


JUPITER, Fla. — Ballet students in Jupiter have one more day of practice before they hit the big stage at the Kravis Center.

Saturday night the Paris Ballet dance studio is performing at the Kravis Center at 7 p.m. with a show that includes an abbreviated version of Swan Lake.

“It’s basically the full story. Swan Lake normally has four acts. We’re doing four scenes instead. So it’s a little bit shorter,” said the Jupiter-based studio’s director, Jean-Hugues Feray.

“It feels amazing. It’s very special to be able to bring my students there, because [the experience at the Kravis Center will create] so many good memories and they’re so ready to take the stage. They have worked so hard, and they’re incredible, very proud of them,” said Feray.

The pre-professional young dancers said the grand nature and blinding lights of the Kravis Center stage make them nervous but they channel that energy into their performance.

“It’s a little…

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